Willam the cat at Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

This morning we departed Hamilton, Scotland about 9.15 am and drove a short distance to Uddingston where we called in at Bothwell, Castle. Bothwell ranks as one of the largest castles in Scotland. It was constructed of sandstone during the medieval period, 13th century. Originally the castle was owned by the Moray family and then the Douglases. During the Wars of Independence (with England in 14th century) the castle changed hands numerous times and was subject to a famous siege (by the English) in 1301.The castle’s ruinous state is due a combination of military action, ravages of time and recycling some of the stonework to construct a mansion nearby which in turn had to be demolished in 1926 due to mining subsidence. An impressive site on banks of the River Clyde.

Great Hall at Bothwell Castle, Scotland

Bothwell Castle, Scotland

Next, we drove south to New Lanark, a World Heritage Site based on a late 18th century cotton-spinning complex positioned on the Falls of Clyde.This massive industrial site was in operation from 1786 to 1968. In the early 1820s the site employed 2500. New Lanark is perhaps best known for the reforming and enlightened management of Robert Owen during the period 1800-1825. Owen introduced schooling, medical care, reduced working hours and a village store where household goods could be purchased at reasonable cost.

Cotton spinning demonstration at New Lanark

Petrie Steam Engine at New Lanark, Scotland

Rooftop View at New Lanark, Scotland

Millworkers House 1820s., New Lanark

Falls of Clyde, New Lanark, Scotland

Next we drove north-east to the southern fringe of Edinburgh and Rosslyn Chapel. The Chapel dates from the 1400s and is believed to have taken forty years to build using some of the best stonemasons in Europe. The Chapel is decorated, both internally and externally, with high quality stone carvings the meanings of which are not fully understood today. We listed to the talk given by the expert local guide at 4.00pm. Rosslyn Chapel has become famous for its resident cat, William which has ‘adopted’ the building and moved in from its home in the local community.

Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

Rosslyn Chapel concluded our tour for the day after which guest were taken to hotel in Edinburgh in readiness for return trip home tomorrow.

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