Baluachraig Carvings, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on the exposed prehistoric ‘rock art’ at Baluachraig in Kilmartin Glen, Argyll, West of Scotland.

Kilmartin Glen is very rich in prehistory with standing stones, burial cairns, stone circles, a henge and many examples of rock carvings or ‘rock art’.

The carvings are widely distributed in the glen (valley) and comprise standardised symbols and motifs which include cups, cups with grooves, single and multiple rings, ‘keyhole’ figures, circular and rectangular grooves enclosing cupmarks plus single lines and multiple chevrons.

The Baluachraig site is about half way down the Glen, close to Dunchraigaig burial cairn, although the unworn path  would suggest few people visit the site.

Baluachraig is a sloping rock outcrop with an elevation slightly above the valley floor.Here can be fund about fifty carvings, mainly comprising cups and cups with rings.

Here is detail of a cup with single ring.

Detail of Baluachraig Carvings, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

Baluachraig Carvings, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

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