Intrepid Tour Guide, Hadrian’s Wall

This morning, we departed our lodgings near Heddon and continued west stopping to view key sites on Hadrian’s Wall as follows:

  • First to Corbridge which lies south of the Wall and pre-dated it. The site was initially military but gradually evolved into a civilian settlement.

Corbridge Roman Site

Corbridge Roman Site

  • Next to Brunton Turret, just east of Chesters Roman Fort.

Brunton Turret, Hadrian’;s Wall

  • Next to Chesters Roman For which lies in the valley of the North Tyne River and straddles the Wall. For a long period of time this was the base of the Second Cavalry Regiment of Asturans. Features here include Bath House, H.Q. Building, Granaries and remains of a bridge abutment.

Gate at Chesters Roman Fort, Hadrian’s Wall

Site of River Crossing at Chesters Roman Fort

  • Next we stopped to view a section of the Wall west of Walltown.

Hadrian’s Wall near Walltown

  •  Next, to Housesteads (Vercovicium), one of the most iconic sites in the Roman Empire.this fort is perched high on a ridge and is connected to the Wall. Here can be seen museum, South Gate, Commanding Officer’s House, H.Q. Building, granaries, barrack blocks and latrine.

Line of Hadrian’s Wall near Housesteads

North Gate of Housesteads Milecastle

  • Next, to nearby Vindolanda which was incepted about AD85 as a fort and continued as a combined military and civilian settlement through to AD 410. This is an extensive site which is subject to on-going archaeological investigation.Features include bath houses, military fort, cemetery and civilian settlement (vicus). This site is famous for the Vindolanda Tablets, 2000 preserved ‘postcards’ dating from the early second century which provide a unique insight into life on the frontier.

Vindolanda Roman Site

Vindolanda Roman Site

  • Our final stop was the Temple of Mithras at Broccolita

Mithras Temple, Hadrian’s Wall

Tonight we have lodgings near Vindolanda. Tomorrow, we continue west and plan to hike selected sections of the Wall.

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