Argyll Mausoleum at Kilmun Church, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on a new visitor attraction in the west of Scotland.

The newly restored Argyll Mausoleum houses the bodies of nearly all the chiefs of Clan Campbell who died between 1453 and 1949.

Kilmun was an important ecclesiastic site and pilgrimage destination in medieval times, a status which may have inspired the Campbells, the local dominant clan, to use the site for burials. In 1441 Duncan Campbell (Lord Campbell of Lochawe) built a church at Kilmun with a religious community to say masses for his soul and provide a family burial-place.

For the following two hundred years Campbell chiefs were buried under the church floor but odour from decomposing bodies prompted the ninth Earl of Argyll to build a private burial chapel attached to the church in 1669.This mausoleum was extended in 1795 and refurbished in 1892 with latter featuring a cast-iron dome punctured with twelve sky-lights. Small vaults were built to house coffins of the dead.

Beneath the mausoleum floor lie the remains of the Earls of Argyll who supported the Reformation in 1560 when Scotland switched to the Protestant faith.

There is a brass cross marker on the floor which marks the presumed burial-place of skeleton and severed head of Archibald, eight Earl of Argyll, a leading figure in the Covenanting movement of the 17th century.

Video clip of Mausoleum interior.

Marble tablet featuring the Galley of Lorne

Effigies in Argyll Mausoleum, Kilmun


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