Tall Ship Glenlee and Transport Museum, Glasgow

This morning, I collected tour group from central Glasgow and embarked on a tour as follows:

  • First to Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed House for an Art Lover. This was designed in 1901 but not completed until 1996. Adjacent to the building is a well maintained garden with vibrant flowers.
  • Next to the Burrell Collection, a wide-ranging collection which includes furniture, art, armour, textiles, porcelain, ancient Egyptian artifacts, stained glass and Rodin sculptures.
  • After lunch at the Burrell Collection we moved on to Govan Old Church to view the famous Govan Carved Stones. which mainly date from the 9th century and represent a blending of cultures: Scandinavian, Irish, English and Pictish. There is a stone sarcophagus which may have contained the body of King Constantine.
  • Next, through central Glasgow to visit the 13th century Cathedral. here we were escorted around by ¬†first class guide with exceptionally detailed knowledge.
  • Next to the nearby Necropolis burial ground which contains many grand mausoleums and memorials at the heart of which is a huge monument to Protestant reformer, John Knox.
  • Finally, we returned to central Glasgow via George Square which is populated by statues to famous persons including James Watt.

Throughout the day we benefited from warm, sunny weather.

House for an Art Lover Garden, Glasgow

House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

Music Room, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

Ming dynasty figure, Burrell Collection

Detail from door portal, Burrell Collection

Warwick Vase, Burrell Collection, Glasgow

Stained Glass, Burrell Collection

Hutton Room, Burrell Collection, Glasgow

Hogback, Govan Old Church, Scotland

Sarcophagus, Govan Old Church, Scotland

Govan Old Church, Scotland

Altar, Glasgow Cathedral, Scotland

Nave, Glasgow Cathedral

Stained glass with masonic theme,, Glasgow Cathedral

St Mungo’s Tomb, Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral, Scotland

John Knox Monument, Glasgow Necropolis, Scotland

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