Look at them thar hills! Scott’s View, Scottish Borders

This morning, we departed our lodgings in Edinburgh and drove south for about one hour to our first stop at Scott’s view near Melrose.This view of the Eildon Hills is reputed to be a favourite place of Scottish romantic author and poet, Sir Walter Scott.

Scott’s View, Melrose, Scotland

Video clip of Scott’s View

Next, we drove round to Melrose Abbey which has a history dating back to 1136 when it was founded by the Scottish King, David I for a community of Cistercian monks.The Abbey suffered at the hands of English armies during the 14th, 16th and 17th centuries aggravated by effective closure during the Reformation in 1560.

Melrose Abbey, Scotland

Melrose Abbey, Scotland

Melrose Abbey is now a romantic ruin under care of Historic Scotland.

Next, we visited nearby Abbotsford House, the former home of Sir Walter Scott. This was built in three stages during 1817, 1822 and 1850s. Architecture is Scottish baronial. The house is home to a  treasure trove of intriguing objects and unusual artifacts which inspired Scott’s writings. Location is on an elevated spot close to the River Tweed and there are well maintained gardens to visit.

Abbotsford House and Garden, Scotland

Abbotsford House, Scotland

Next, we drove south, to Jedburgh Abbey. This was founded by King David I of Scotland during then 12th century for a community of Augustinians. The abbey suffered damage at hands of English armies during the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th centuries with final denouement at the Reformation in 1560. Like Melrose Abbey, Jedburgh Abbey is now a romantic ruin.

Jedburgh Abbey, Scotland

Jedburgh Abbey, Scotland

Next, we returned towards Melrose but stopping en-route at the pleasant town of Kelso on banks of the River Tweed. Here we viewed remains of Kelso Abbey. This was founded in the 12th century for a community of Tironensian monks. However, the abbey suffered at the hands of English armies in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. Because of the military damage and subsequent re-cycling of the stonework leaving only the abbey’s west tower and transept.

River Tweed at Kelso, Scotland

Kelso Abbey, Scotland

Kelso, Scotland

Finally, we returned to Melrose and checked into our lodgings.

Melrose from atop Melrose Abbey, Scotland

Tomorrow, we visit other sites in the Borders region.