Welcome to Glasgow

Tour Group at Glasgow Necropolis

This morning I met guests at Central Station, Glasgow and then embarked on a walking tour.

We stopped for photos at the Wellington Statue, visited the 18th century, Tobacco Merchant’s House and Virginia Street (with links to the U.S.).


Tobacco Merchant’s House, Miller Street, Glasgow


Virginia Place, Glasgow


Tour Group at Wellington Statue, Glasgow

Next, we moved on through George Square and the up towards the Cathedral stopping for a chat with locals outside the 16th century, College Bar in the High Street.

Patrons outside Old College Bar (16th century), High Street, Glasgow

Next, we continued up to Provand’s Lordship which dates from the 15th century, being originally part of the Cathedral complex.


Provand’s Lordship, Glasgow


Next, we crossed the road, viewed the David Livingston statue ( 19th century missionary and explorer) and then toured the interior of Glasgow Cathedral using the services of a very knowledgeable Cathedral guide. The Cathedral dates from the 13th century albeit on a Christian site dating from the 7th century. The Cathedral was originally built for Roman Catholic worship but switched to Protestant/Presbyterian at time of the Reformation in 1560.

St Kentigern’s Shrine, Glasgow Cathedral


Munich Stained Glass, Glasgow Cathedral

Upper Chapter House, Glasgow Cathedral

Choir, Glasgow Cathedral

Nave and Transepts, Glasgow Cathedral

Next, we walked up to Glasgow Necropolis ( ‘City of the Dead’) which was established in the 1830s to cope with Glasgow’s booming population and corresponding rise in death rates. Here can be found many elaborate memorials and mausoleums to hold the bodies of the great, good and wealthy from the 19th century. Some 50, 000 people are buried at the Necropolis.

Jewish Section, Glasgow Necropolis


Wilson Mausoleum, Glasgow Necropolis

Monteath Mausoleum, Glasgow Necropolis

Next, we walked back down the High Street to Glasgow Cross (which represents the remains of former city administration complex and court-house) and then right into Trongate, passed the ancient Tron Kirk Tower and to our final destination of Corinthian Club Restaurant where guests stopped for refreshment at conclusion of the tour.

Glasgow Cross, High Street, Glasgow


Tron Kirk,Trongate, Glasgow


Inside Corinthian, Glasgow

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