Whisky Tasting at Kingsbarns Distillery, Scotland

This morning, we departed our lodgings on the outskirts of St Andrews, drove into the town and visited the following key sites:

  • West Sands (famous for opening shots of Chariots of Fire film).
  • Links and Old Course (golf).
  • Cathedral (ruined)
  • Castle (ruined).

Guests also shopped in Market Street.

Market Street, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

St Andrews Coastline, Scotland

St Andrews from West Sands, Fife

St Andrews Links, Fife, Scotland

Next, we moved on, along the Fife Coast to Kingsbarns Distillery, a new venture sponsored by Wemyss Malts. The distillery commenced producing spirit in 2015 and has a capacity of 600,000 litres p.a.We joined a tour which guided us through the malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation processes. The new spirit will not qualify as Scotch whisky until 2018, when three years old.

Here is a video clip of distillation and other processes.

Kingsbarns Distillery, Fife, Scotland

Ex-Bourbon Whisky Casks at Kingsbarns Distillery, Fife

Wemyss Malts, Kingsbarns Distillery

Malt Hopper, Kingsbarns Distillery, Fife

Next, we moved on to the quaint fishing village of Crail a1nd then along the coast to Anstruther where we had a fish and chip lunch at the famous Anstruther Fish Bar.

Fish and Chips at Anstruther Fish Bar, Fife, Scotland (Image courtesy of Richard Newton Photography, Dalgety Bay.)

Anstruther Fish Bar, Fife

Anstruther, Fife, Scotland

Next, a short distance along the coast to the historic church of St Monans which sits on a coastal location offering views of the Isle of May and Firth of Forth.

Isle of May and Firth of Forth from St Monans, Fife

Inside St Monans Church, Fife, Scotland

St Monans Church, Fife, Scotland

Next, we moved on to Lower Largo, childhood home of Alexander Selkirk, the real world role model for Robinson Crusoe.

Next, through Leven, across the Forth Road Bridge to South Queensferry where we are able to obtain good views of the Forth Rail Bridge, Forth Road Bridge and new Forth Road Bridge. Latter being under construction.

Forth Rail Bridge, South Queensferry, Scotland

Forth Road Bridges, South Queensferry, Scotland

Finally,we moved on to Edinburgh Airport where guests were deposited at hotel in readiness for return journey tomorrow.

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