Flooded woodland at Laphroaig Distillery, Islay, Scotland

Today, we remain on the Scottish island of Islay.

A combination of dark clouds, fog, mist and rain forced a re-think of our travel plans.

We commenced the day by departing our Port Ellen base and travelling a couple of miles to nearby Laphroaig Distillery where we purchased some merchandise and took photographs of the incredibly wet conditions.

Flooded woodland at Laphroaig Distillery, Islay

Next, we embarked on a short loop along farm tracks and single track roads back to Port Ellen. Prime purpose of this trip was to visit a couple of prehistoric standing stones which may date from around 3000 BC-2000 BC. The fields were populated by cattle and sheep.

Prehistoric Standing Stone, Islay, Scotland



Prehistoric Standing Stone at Kilbride, Islay, Scotland

Remote farm at Kilbride, Islay

Prehistoric Standing Stone near Port Ellen, Islay

Resting sheep, possibly a ram, near Port Ellen

Upon returning to Port Ellen we decided to travel S.W. to a remote area known as the Mull of Oa. This is a bird reserve which provided access (on foot) to the American Monument which is situated close to the coast.

The road to Oa was again single track and took us past another prehistoric site, this time a chambered cairn (burial place) which, again, may date back about 4000-5000 years. Considering antiquity of the site the cairn is very well-preserved, with added bonus of being close to the road at Lower Cragabus.

After parking the car at the bird reserve we followed a well-marked footpath towards the Monument which incorporated a ‘floating’ walkway across a peat bog. At this ┬ástage visibility reduced to near zero at a time when the walkway petered out so with discretion prevailing over valour we decided to return to the vehicle and travel back to Port Ellen.

Prehistoric Chambered Cairn, Lower Cragabus, Islay

Walkway across peat bog, The Oa, Islay, Scotland

With a slight weather improvement at Port Ellen we decided to walk around the harbour and environs, taking photographs. Noticing that many of the harbour-side homes had sand bag protection we later learned that the sea had breached the harbour wall and penetrated local houses and parked cars.

Video clip of Port Ellen Harbour

Port Ellen Maltings, Islay, Scotland

Port Ellen Harbour, Islay, Scotland

Harbourside view at Port Ellenb, Islay

With light fading fast we decided to finish exploring about 4.00pm.

Tomorrow, we plan to visit Jura, a nearby island.

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