Standing Stone at Uiskentuie, Islay, Scotland

This evening, I am posting images of a selection of a prehistoric standing stones on the island of Islay which is situated in the Inner Hebrides off Scotland’s West Coast.

Islay is normally associated with whisky production but there is also evidence of prehistoric occupation dating from around 3000 BC-1000 BC. The standing stones shown herein can be viewed near Port Ellen and Finlaggan.

Not shown are the remains of a stone circle 3.25 miles NE of Portnahaven. Although the circle was never completed, one massive block constituent was in line with the midwinter sunset around 1800 BC.

Standing Stone near Finlaggan, Islay, Scotland


Prehistoric Chambered Cairn at Lower Cragabus, Islay



Standing Stone near Laphroaig Distillery, Islay

Standing Stone at Kilbride, Islay, Scotland

Prehistoric Standing Stone near Port Ellen, Islay

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