Aberfeldy Distillery, Perthshire, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Aberfeldy Distillery in Perthshire, central Scotland, about ninety miles due north of Edinburgh.

There is a history of distilling in the locality from 1825 but the current production facility has a history dating from 1896 when John and Tommy Dewar built the distillery. Subsequently, two ownership changes have occurred with the distillery now forming part of the drinks portfolio of the Bacardi Corporation.

Other facts and information concerning Aberfeldy Distillery:

  • Production capacity of 3.5m litres p.a.
  • Equipment includes one stainless steel mash tun, eleven washbacks and four stills.
  • Much of the production goes into Dewar’s blends including White Label. The Visitor Centre is branded as ‘Dewar’s World of Whisky’.
  • Core range of single malts comprises a twelve year-old and a twenty-one year-old supplemented with an eighteen year-old for duty-free.
  • Tours of the distillery available.

Dewars White Label blended whisky at Aberfeldy Distillery, Scotland

Dewars whiskies at Aberfeldy Distillery, Scotland

MatUring Scotch whisky at Aberfeldy Distillery, Scotland

Stills at Aberfeldy Distillery, Perthshire, Scotland

Siberian Larch washback at Aberfeldy Distillery, Scotland

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