River Clyde and Helensburgh from Greenock

This morning, I visited Greenock a town with population of 44,000 which is located on the south bank of the Firth of Clyde (River Clyde Estuary) about twenty-five  west of Glasgow in the west of Scotland.

Greenock has a recorded history of at least 500 years but came to prominence during the industrial revolution with emphasis on ship building. James Watt, who improved the steam engine which in turn powered the industrial revolution, was actually born in Greenock.

Today Greenock is an active commercial port and receives regular visits from cruise liners during the summer period.

Other interesting of facets of Greenock which I noticed on my trip were:

  • Hebridean Princess, a small luxury cruise ship.
  • Ocean Terminal (commercial port).
  • A small group of Eider Ducks.
  • Renewed waterfront area.
  • Historic municipal buildings.
  • 18th century, Dutch Gable House.
  • A busker performing in an underpass.
  • Historic churches.
  • Art Deco and other architecture.
  • Views across the Clyde to Helensburgh and beyond.

Overall, a satisfying trip with mild temperatures and coinciding with a timely break in the rain pattern.

Helensburgh, across the River Clyde from Greenock

Hebridean Princess at Greenock, Scotland

Greenock Waterfront, Scotland

James Watt Statue, Greenock, Scotland

Dutch Gable House, Greenock, Scotland

Historic Municipal Building, Greenock, Scotland

Greenock’s Shipbuilding Heritage remembered in underpass

Busker, Greenock, Scotland

Greenock Westburn Church of Scotland

Greenock Sheriff Court, Scotland

Former Art Deco Cinema, Greenock

Ocean Terminal, Greenock, Scotland

Eider Ducks on Firth of Clyde, Greenock

Here is a video clip of George Square in centre of historic Greeenock.

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