Ettleton Cemetery, Newcastleton, Scottish Borders.

This evening, I am posting information on Ettleton Cemetery near Newcastleton in the Scottish Borders region.

This burial place is of importance to persons wishing to connect with the Border Reivers era and Clan Armstrong in particular.

For a long period of time, up until the early 17th century, the southern part of Scotland bordering with England was lawless and controlled by dominant families such as Armstrongs, Nixons, Bells, Scotts and Grahams. They feuded with each other and the English to the south and were collectively known as Border Reivers ( Border raiders).

The Parish of Ettletown ( as it was known) was important in the 14th century. It included all the country between the confluence of the Liddel and Hermitage Water (rivers) and belonged to the Abbey of Jedburgh.

Circa 1900 a group of prominent local persons led by the Duke of Buccleuch gathered together ancient burial markers from the 14th century and installed them in a discrete section of the Cemetery. This is known as the Armstrong Wall due to the high incidence of stones recording Armstrongs. An image of the Wall can be seen at foot of this post.

The tall monument in the image above is to memory of  William Armstrong of Sorbitrees who was shot dead by a Church Minister in 1851.

This cemetery usually features in Clan Armstrong or Border Reivers themed tours of Scotland.

Video clip from Ettleton Cemetery, Scotland

Armstrong Wall, Ettleton Cemetery, Newcastleton, Scotland