Braemar Castle, Scottish Highlands

This evening, I am posting information on the village of Braemar in the Scottish Highlands.

Location is at confluence of River Dee and Clunie Water, about 78 miles S.E. of Inverness and 56 miles west of Aberdeen.

Local visitor attractions include Braemar Castle (above), Balmoral Castle and Royal Lochnagar Distillery.

More information:

  • Home to the Braemar Gathering, Scotland’s premier Highland Games event which takes place on the first Saturday in September each year.
  • Population is about 850.
  • Well endowed with shops, restaurants and accommodation providers.
  • Spectacular location against backdrop of Grampian mountains to the north and Glen Dee to the west.
  • Braemar is the third coldest low lying place in the UK, with an annual average temperature of 6.8 °C. Braemar has twice recorded the lowest ever UK temperature of 27.2 °C, on 11 February 1895, and 10 January 1982.

Video clip of Braemar

Colourful garden at Braemar, Scotland

Haggis Shop, Braemar, Scotland

Sporran Shop, Braemar, Scotland

Braemar shops, Scotland

Centre of Braemar, Scottish Highlands

Clune Water at Braemar, Scotland

Deeside landscape from Braemar to Inverey Road, Scotland

Deeside landscape from Braemar to Inverey Road, Scotland