Clockwork Brewery Bar, Glasgow, Scotlland

This evening, we visited the Clockwork Brewery Co at 1153-1155 Cathcart Rd, Glasgow G42, Scotland. Here, we were provided with a tour of the beer brewing process and then availed of a meal in the bar restaurant.

This brewery produces about 20,000 litres p.a. all of which is sold through the bar on the same premises. Declan, the chief/only brewer has wide discretion on product range which currently comprises:

  • Original Amber
  • Craft Lager
  • Cartside Red
  • Oregon IPA
  • Hampden Roar
  • Pacific Pale Ale
  • Cascade Parade
  • Hazy Daze
  • RunAbout Stout
  • Sun Dial

The brewery tour entailed the malting, mashing and fermentation processes with addition of hops between the latter two stages.

The tour proved very informative and the meal good value.

Mash Tun at Clockwork Brewery Co., Glasgow, Scotland

Hop container at Clockwork Micro Brewery, Glasgow, Scotland

Malt for beer making at Clockwork Brewery co., Glasgow

Checking alcohol content with hydrometer at Clockwork Brewery Co

Hop store at Clockwork Micro Brewery, Glasgow

Fermentation at Clockwork Brewery Co., Glasgow

Hops for beer making at Clockwork Brewery, Glasgow, Scotland

Samples at Clockwork Brewery Co., Glasgow, Scotland

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