Kelso Town Square, Scottish Borders

This evening, I am posting information on the town of Kelso in the Scottish Borders region.

Kelso is about 44 miles S.E. of Edinburgh and impresses as a pleasant place. Summary facts and information:

  • Population 5639.
  • Has the largest cobbled market square in Scotland.
  • Most of the town centre dates from around 1750 onwards, i.e.Georgian and Victorian. The impressive Town Hall was constructed in 1816.
  • Situated close to the River Tweed. The bridge over the Tweed dates from 1754; this acted as a catalyst to development of the town via improved communications.
  • Close to Kelso is Floors Castle, the largest inhabited castle in Scotland and a visitor attraction.
  • At Kelso are the ruins of Kelso Abbey which has its origins in the 12th century.

Video clip of Town Square, Kelso, Scotland

Floors Castle, Kelso, Scotland

River Tweed with Floors Castle in distance.

Kelso Abbey, Scottish Borders