St Andrew’s Cathedral, Glasgow, Scotland

Earlier today I visited the Metropolitan Cathedral Church of Saint Andrew at 90 Dunlop Street, Glasgow, Scotland with particular emphasis on the Italian Cloister Garden which was opened in 2011.

The Cathedral is the heart of the (Roman Catholic) Archdiocese of Glasgow which oversees 106 parishes in the West of Scotland and is headed by Archbishop Philip Tartaglia.

The Italian Cloister Garden is adjacent to the Cathedral. This Garden was established in memory to the loss of 446 Italian nationals who were lost at sea, off the Irish Coast, on July 2nd 1940 when the liner Arandora Star was sunk by a U Boat. The passengers were in process of being transported to Italy. Within the group were ninety-four persons from the Scots Italian community.

Italian Cloister Garden, St Andrew’s Cathedral, Glasgow

Italian Cloister Garden, St Andrew’s Cathedral, Glasgow

Inside St Andrew’s R.C. Cathedral, Glasgow, Scotland

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