Culzean Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Culzean Castle, which is one of the top visitor attractions in the south-west of Scotland being located on the Ayrshire coast, about 1 hour drive south of Glasgow. Culzean (pronounced  ‘cullane‘) offers a combination of extensive parkland with deer, well maintained gardens, seaside caves and glorious coastal views. The unusual name is derived from Old Gaelic and translates as ‘bird corner’.

Summary facts:

  • The castle stands atop cliffs looking out to sea over the Firth of Clyde on one side and historic gardens on the other.
  • Built in Scottish Gothic Revival style. David, 10th Earl Cassilis commissioned leading Scottish architect Robert Adam to build the impressive late 18th century mansion but bankrupted himself in the process.
  • Interior is a neo classical Georgian home.
  • Ranks as one of the finest examples of Enlightenment architecture in Europe.
  • Contains an apartment gifted to General Dwight Eisenhower in 1945 .

The sheltered coastline supplemented by the humid and mild climate facilitates the growth of warm-climate and other plants. The gardens at Culzean are extensive and include:

  • A walled garden with restored glass-houses.
  • Grassy orchard.
  • Herb garden.
  • Conservatory.
  • Peach house
  • Elegant Camellia House dating from 1818.
  • The formal Fountain Court ( see image below) backed by flower filled terraces.
  • Orangery
  • A woodland walk known as ‘Happy Valley’

Clearly, Culzean has much to offer the visitor including students of architecture, history and horticulture. Guided walks are also available. The Visitor Centre includes National Trust shops, a second-hand book shop, restaurant, exhibition and toilet facilities.

Cave Painting, Culzean Caves

Fountain Court, Culzean Castle, Scotland

Cannon emplacement at Culzean Castle

Colourful Garden at Culzean Castle, Scotland

Camellia House, Culzean Castle

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