Main Street, Dunlop with Parish Church in distance

This evening, I am posting information on the attractive village of Dunlop which lies about nineteen miles S.W. of Glasgow in S.W. Scotland.

Summary facts and information concerning Dunlop:

  • First recorded 1260 but with a history probably going much earlier, possibly to the Roman period.
  • Population about 840.
  • Current church (Church of Scotland) dates from 1835 but on a much older Christian site.
  • Castles are in the vicinity.
  • Battle of the Boyd’s took place locally in 1439.
  • Famous for traditional Ayrshire Dunlop Cheeses.
  • Important for members of Clan Dunlop.

As will be evident from the images herein the community benefits from a Post Office, Pub, Shop (not shown), Railway Station, School, Village Hall and Church.Main Street includes a number of small cottages dating from the 18th century and possibly earlier.

Dunlop Parish Church, Scotland

Auld Hoose Pub, Dunlop, Scotland

Dunlop Primary School, East Ayrshire, Scotland

Dunlop Post Office, East Ayrshire, Scotland

Dunlop Village Hall, East Ayrshire, Scotland

Dunlop Railway Station, Ayrshire, Scotland

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