Carlisle Castle, N.W. England

This evening, I am reporting on  Carlisle Castle  in N.W. England which is prominently positioned overlooking the flood plain of the River Eden. This castle is some 900 years old and is built of red sandstone on the site of first century AD Roman fort. It has featured in border wars against the Scots, served as a base for patrolling an unruly border in Tudor times and was subject of re-fortification in the early 19th century in context of controlling political unrest of the times.

Carlisle Castle has also served as a prison over the centuries with most famous ‘inmate’ being Mary Queen of Scots in 1567.

The Castle is connected with ‘The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond’ song with the lyrics usually attributed to a Jacobite (Scottish) prisoner, languishing in Carlisle prison, awaiting his fate.

A section of the castle interior is still used by British military today.

The castle site includes:

  • A Gatehouse.
  • Half-moon battery.
  • Captain’s Tower.
  • Powder Magazine
  • Museum
  • Postern
  • Keep
  • Tower.
  • Great Hall.

Portcullis at Carlisle Castle, England

Formidable defences of Carlisle Castle, England

Hadrian’s Wall link with Carlisle Castle, England

The castle is open to the public and offers a good stop for people hiking along Hadrian’s Wall.

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