Cawdor Castle, Nairn, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Cawdor Castle near Nairn in the Highlands of Scotland. This is a popular visitor attraction during summer time no doubt aided by its close location to Inverness and the famous Culloden Battlefield site. Apart from the castle building (on which more below) there are other facilities for the visitor including:

  • A country estate with waymarked hiking trails.
  • Gardens: walled, flower and wild
  • Putting Green
  • Gift shop, bookshop, wool shop and restaurant.

Cawdor Castle Garden, Scotland

It is believed the present castle dates from the 1400s when it was built, probably by the 3rd Thane of Cawdor ,to replace an earlier castle about one and half miles away. The building was a classic (by standards of the day) four story Tower House albeit incorporating an unusual feature in being built around a holly tree which is extant (in the thorn tree room) but died in the late 14th century. The castle has remained in the same family, connected to Clan Campbell, for about 600 years.

There is also a tenuous link with Shakespeare’s Macbeth. However, this is due to an erroneous interpretation of history as Macbeth, King of Alba, died 130 years before creation of the title Thane of Cawdor and some 300 years before the castle was constructed.

Cawdor Burn at Cawdor Castle, Scotland

Cawdor Castle and Garden, Scotland

Cawdor Castle and Garden, Scotland

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