Moving cask at Edradour Distillery, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Edradour, one of Scotland’s smallest whisky distilleries.

Edradour is located near to Pitlochry in central Scotland, in turn some seventy miles north of Edinburgh and conveniently situated on the A9 highway and tourist route to Inverness.

Edradour has a history dating back to 1825 since when it has undergone many ownership changes. The distillery is now under private ownership of Andrew Symington. More information:-

  • Capacity is small at 130, 000 litres p.a. (Glenlivet’s capacity is 10.5m litres p.a.)
  • Location is attractive to visitor groups. Approximately 100,000 people visit the distillery each year.
  • Production is split 26,000 litres peated and 104,000 litres non-peated.
  • The peated brand is named Ballechin. This name was resurrected by Edradour in 2002 in recognition of a central Scotland distillery of the same name which operated between 1810 and 1927.
  • Standard unpeated brand is Edradour ten-year old single malt although a wide range of other finishes and ages are available.
  • The distillery tours are well organised and take visitors through the entire process of malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation commencing with tasting and a film. In-depth, connoisseur, tours are also available.
  • Edradour has an on-site bottling plant used by sister company, Signatory, an independent bottler of whisky.

Maturing whisky casks at Edradour Distillery

Tour Guide offering tasting advice at Edradour Distillery.

View of Edradour Distillery with farm trailer collecting surplus draff for use as animal feed.

Wooden washbacks at Edradour Distillery, Scotland

Stills at Edradour Distillery, Scotland

Mash Tun at Edradour Distillery

Tour group at Edradour Distillery, Scotland

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