This evening, benefiting from a good sunset and benign weather conditions, I visited Morecambe Bay in N.W. England. This is the largest expanse of inter-tidal mudflats and sands in the United Kingdom, covering a total area of 310 kmĀ². Access was via the town of Bolton le Sands.

These sands have an incredible tidal reach of 10m or 33 feet. At time of my visit, the tide was well out thus allowing me to range widely over the sands. As will be evident from image below there are dangers here. In 2004, twenty-one Chinese cockle pickers were caught unawares by the incoming tide and drowned.

Dangers at Morecambe Bay, England

In course of my extended hike I encountered horse riders, dog walkers and some bird life.A superb recreational area when the weather conditions are right.

A great spot for photography!

Video clip of Morecambe Bay at Bolton le Sands

Coastline from Morecambe Bay, England

Bird tracks at Morecambe Bay, England

Sand formation at Morecambe Bay, England

Notice Board at Morecambe Bay, England

Sands, holiday homes and cows at Bolton le Sands, England

Morecambe Bay surface, England

Sand patterns at Morecambe Bay, England

Bolton le Sands from Morecambe Bay, England

Morecambe Bay Mudflats, England

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