Little Owl at Dalhousie Castle, Scotland

This morning, we commenced with a falconry experience at Dalhousie Castle Hotel, south of Edinburgh. Guest had a one hour session flying a Harris Hawk and Little Owl.

Video clip of flying Little Owl at Dalhousie Castle Hotel

Flying Little Owl at Dalhousie Castle Hotel

Flying Harris Hawk at Dalhousie Castle Hotel, Scotland

Falconry at Dalhousie Castle Hotel, Scotland

Next, we drove into Edinburgh where main focus was on the famous castle.Here we visited:

  • National War Memorial
  • Scottish Crown Jewels
  • Great Hall wherein was an actress portraying Mary of Guise who was Regent of Scotland for a period during the 16th century.
  • Mons Meg Cannon (15th century).
  • St Margaret’s Chapel
  • Vantage point affording excellent views of the Firth of Forth, Fife Coast, Calton Hill and Edinburgh New Town.

Crown Square, Edinburgh Castle

Mary of Guise at Edinburgh Castle

Mons Meg Cannon, Edinburgh Castle

After the castle we walked down the Royal Mile with stops to visit:

  • The old Scottish Parliament building which is now occupied by the legal profession.
  • St Gile’s Cathedral, now Presbyterian, which mainly dates from the 15th century.

Nave, St Gile’s Cathedral, Scotland

Stained Glass at St Gile’s Cathedral, Ediinburgh

Today’s tour concluded about 5.00 pm following which we returned to our lodgings. Tomorrow, we visit Paisley and Glasgow.

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