Spring Garden at House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

This morning we departed our lodgings near Edinburgh and drove west to Glasgow where we visited an eclectic collection of sites which serve to illustrate the wide variety of specialist interests available in S.W. Scotland.

First call was Giffnock Synagogue in South Glasgow. Here a purchase of Jewish Tartan was made and then we visited the interior of the Synagogue which happened to be accessible at the time.Glasgow is home to the single largest population of people of the Jewish faith in Scotland.

Giffnock Synagogue, Glasgow, Scotland

Next, we moved on to nearby House for an Art Lover. This was designed by famous Glaswegian architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1901 but constructed between 1989 and 1996 and is now a popular visitor attraction. There is an adjacent, colourful and very well maintained garden.

Dining Room at House fr an Art Lover, Glasgow

Music Room at House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

House for an Art Lover, Glasgow, Scotland

Woodland Garden at House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

Next we moved to the town of Paisley, about seven miles from Glasgow. Paisley had a long tradition of weaving and textile manufacture which reached its zenith in the late 19th century when tens of thousands were employed in the local mills, particularly thread manufacture. Paisley Shawls were manufactured between 1780 and 1870. Sadly, the textile industry in Paisley is now defunct although some of the mills remain extant having been converted to other purposes.A selection of shawls and weaving looms is on display at Paisley Museum which we visited.

Paisley Abbey, Scotland. Dates from 12th century but on earlier Christian site established around 6th century.

Paisley Town Hall, Scotland

Historic Weaving Loom at Paisley Museum, Scotland

Video clip of Paisley Shawls at Paisley Museum, Scotland

Paisley Shawl at Paisley Museum, Scotland

Paisley Shawl at Paisley Museum, Scotland

High Street, Paisley, Scotland

After concluding our visit to Paisley, we returned to Glasgow and lodgings for the night. Tomorrow,we visit the Isle of Arran.