Train passing through Carnforth Railway Station

This evening, I am posting information on the small town (pop 5350 ) of Carnforth in N.W.England.

Carnforth is best known for its railway station which featured in the classic 1945 British film ‘Brief Encounter‘ directed by David Lean.

As will be evident from the images below, Carnforth is well endowed with hotels, shops, church, canal and marina. The town is also close to Morecambe Bay which featured in yesterday’s blog.

Queens Hotel, Carnforth

Carnforth Bookshop

Carnforth Marina (canal)

Inside Carnforth Bookshop, England.

Famous refreshment room at Carnforth railway Station, England

Shadows at Carnforth Railway Station

Refreshment Room at Carnforth Railway Station, England

Carnforth Railway Station, England

Centre of Carnforth, Lancashire, England

Lancaster Canal at Carnforth, England

Carnforth in Spring

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