Elsdon Tower, Northumberland, England

Tonight, I am providing information on Elsdon Tower, one of the finest examples in the Scottish Borders of a medieval Tower House and one of the best preserved historic buildings in Northumberland, northern England.

The Tower occupies a naturally defensive position and provided a refuge from Scottish raiders (Reivers) who were active during the 15th and 16th centuries when the Borders region was a buffer zone between England and Scotland and known as the ‘debateable lands’.

The Tower dates from the 14th century, has walls eight feet thick within which is a spiral staircase leading to the parapets. Other features include:

  • Barrel-vaulted ground floor which was used for storage.
  • Communal Hall on first floor with Tudor fireplace.
  • Private quarters on second floor.

The Tower was first recorded in 1415 as belonging to the Rector of Elsdon and it remained as a Rectory until 1961.

Coats of Arms on the parapets reveal changes of patronage over the centuries. These include Umfrevilles, Howards and Percies.

The Tower is now privately owned with viewing restricted to the entrance gateway.

Elsdon Tower House, Northumberland, England

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