Llanllugan, Wales

Llanllugan is a hamlet which lies on a back road in the heart of Montgomeryshire, Wales It is about thirteen miles west of Welshpool on the England-Wales border. Here can be found St Mary’s Church, the adjacent farm of Tynllan and a small number of houses.
The place-name is first recorded as Llanlugan in 1239. A Cistercian nunnery was in existence from about 1217 through to 1536 with no remains extant.
St Mary’s church (below) is a simple, single-chamber building, probably of 15th-century date. Inside is an important collection of Cistercian stained glass. The font may date from the 13th century.
Preaching Stone in the image at foot of post is connected with revivalist, Hywel Harries who was active around 1760. It is located close to the church, on opposite side of the road.

St Mary’s Church, Llanllugan, Wales

Hywel Harries Stone, Llanllugan, Wales

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