Hiking group in Renfrew, Scotland

This evening, I am reporting on today’s large group hike around the historic town of Renfrew in S.W. Scotland.

Renfrew, has a population of about 22,000 and is located  five miles west of Glasgow. The town has  a history dating back at least to the 11th century, possibly much earlier. The founders of the Stewart Royal dynasty originated from here. Much of the town’s wealth ( and proud civic buildings) was derived form the (now faded) shipbuilding industry. Prior to 1966 Renfrew was the location of Glasgow Airport.

Today’s hiking route encompassed:

  • Historic civic buildings.
  • Mercat Cross
  • A public park.
  • Spring flowers.
  • Historic Bascule Bridge.
  • Quaint passenger ferry.
  • Shipping.

Renfrew Town Centre

Blythswood House Sphinx, Renfrew

Mercat Cross, Renfrew

Hiking group in Robertson Park


May blossom

River Clyde

Bacule Bridge

Clyde passenger ferry

Grab Hopper Dredger on River Clyde, Scotland

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