Today, the weather provided a relief from recent hot spell with overcast skies, cool but dry.

I set out on an approx. 35 mile round trip by bike along the banks of the Forth & Clyde Canal, from Glasgow west to Bowling.This is an excellent recreational resource allowing local people to connect with:

  • Industrial history: The canal itself which dates from 1790 at cusp of the Industrial Revolution.
  • Military: Today was Armed Forces Day in which context I encountered a detachment of the Royal Regiment of Scotland with equine mascot.
  • Engineering The Erskine bridge plus unusual Dalmuir Drop Lock.
  • Bird Life: In addition to the omnipresent contingents of Pigeons, Gulls and Mallard Ducks I encountered Swans, Moorhens and a Heron.
  • Nature: Bulrushes plus Broom, Dog Rose and Iris.
  • Shipping: the Cypriot registered Freedom, a Hopper-Dredger, navigating the River Clyde.
  • Pleasure Boats: In the Bowling Basin plus a canal boat navigating the canal. (See above video.)
  • Geology: Ancient basaltic lava flows above the village of Erskine.

Bulrushes on Forth & Clyde Canal, Scotland

Iris, Forth & Clyde Canal

Cypriot registered Freedom on River Clyde at Bowling

Pleasure boats at Bowling Basin

Ancient basaltic lava flows above Erskine, Scotland

Erskine Bridge over River Clyde, Scotland

Stretch of Forth & Clyde Canal, Scotland

Broom in flower, Forth & Clyde Canal

Dog Roses in bloom, Forth & Clyde Canal, Scotland

Military mascot, Royal Regiment of Scotland, Clydebank

View of Kelvin Valley (with Heron on second pillar)

Locks on Forth & Clyde Canakl

Kelvin Dock, Forth & Clyde Canal

Flags at Loyal Orange Lodge, Sandbank Street, Glasgow

Moorhen and chicks on Forth & Clyde Canal

Swans & Cygnets on Forth & Clyde Canal, Scotland

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