River Tay at Birnam, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on the popular village of Birnam in central Scotland. Here can be found:

  • A stretch of the River Tay along the banks of which is a walking traik.
  • ┬áThe Birnam Oak and its neighbour the Birnam Sycamore both of which are located close to the River Tay. These are thought to the sole surviving trees of the great forest that once straddled the banks and hillsides of the River Tay. This forest is celebrated in Shakespeare’s Macbeth as the famous Birnam Wood.
  • The Beatrix Potter Garden.This is named after the famous childrens’ author who gained inspiration for her stories when visiting the area on holiday with her parents. She also undertook research on fungi (mushrooms) in the area.
  • The Birnam Arts and Conference Centre.
  • Hotels, shops and lodgings.
  • A railway station.
  • The adjacent village of Dunkeld.
  • Golf.
  • Opportunities for hiking.

Like Dunkeld, Birnam provides a good base for touring Scotland.

Perth Road, Birnam, Scotland

Station Road, Birnam, Scotland

Birnam Hotel, Birnam, Scotland

Birnam Oak, Birnam, Scotland

River Tay at Birnam, Scotland

Beatrix Potter Garden, Birnam, Scotland

Birnam and Dunkeld Golf Course

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