Dundee United vs Partick Thistle (Football/soccer)

This evening, I am posting information on Dundee, a large city located on the east coast of Scotland.

Summary facts and information:

  • Scotland’s fourth largest city with a population of about 148,000.
  • Located on Firth of Tay (where the River Tay enters the North Sea).
  • Grew in 19th century on industries including jute processing, textiles, whaling and shipbuilding.
  • Home to two major football (soccer) teams, namely Dundee F.C. and Dundee United.
  • A major centre for the production of computer games.
  • Home of early 20th century Antarctic research ship, R.R.S. Discovery, which is now a visitor attraction.
  • Is home to a Botanic Garden run by Dundee University.
  • Provides access to to such important visitor sites at St. Andrews, Dunnottar Castle and Glamis Castle.
  • Dundee Law, a high elevation viewpoint with a long history, affords superb views over the city and environs.
  • Well endowed with shops, restaurants and hotels.
  • Access by road, rail and air.

View South-West from Dundee Law

View west from Dundee Law

River Tay flowing east into North Sea at Dundee, Scotland

Tay Road Bridge at Dundee, Scotland

Tay Rail Bridge at Dundee

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