Detail from Dupplin Cross, Dunning, Scotland

This morning, we departed our lodgings in Edinburgh and embarked on a trip as follows:

  • First a short driving tour covering the highlights of Edinburgh including Old and New Towns.
  • Next, we drove N.W. for about one hour to our first stop of Stirling Castle which sits on the plug of an ancient volcano dominating the local landscape. Close to here we fought two key battles: Battle of Bannockburn (1314) an d Battle of Stirling Bridge (1297). We visited key aspects of the castle which included Kitchens,Tapestry Weaving Studio, Chapel Royal, Great Hall and Royal Apartments.

View of local landscape from Stirling Castle, Scotland

Kitchens at Stirling Castle, Scotland

Actor in Royal Apartments at Stilring Castle

Tapestry Weaving Studio at Stirling Castle, Scotland

Royal Apartments at Stirling Castle, Scotland

  • Next we continued north for 30 minutes to the Kirkstyle Inn in the village of Dunning where we availed of lunch. After lunch we walked across the road to St Serf’s Church to visit the 9th century AD Dupplin Cross which is an outstanding example of Pictish art. There was a steward on hand to assist with interpretation of the symbols and inscriptions on the cross which depict King Constantine I on horseback with biblical scenes.

Kirkstyle Inn, Dunning, Scotland

Dupplin Cross, Dunning, Scotland

St Serf’s Church, Dunning, Scotland

  • Next, we drove to the edge of Dunning to visit the site of  a 1st century AD Roman marching camp.

Roman Marching Camp at Dunning, Scotland

  • Next, we drove for three miles to Forteviot which is now a small village but in the 9th century was home to a Pictish power base and possibly the centre of a united Scotland under Kenneth Mac Alpin.
  • Next, we continued north to our final destination of Dunkeld, a small town in the centre of Scotland which sits on the banks of the River Tay. Here, we checked into our lodgings for the night. Tomorrow we venture on a backroads tour and possibly a short hike.

Atholl Street, Dunkeld, Scotland

200 year old bridge over River Tay at Dunkeld

Taybank Pub at Dunkeld, Scotland

Musician on bank of River Tay at Dunkeld, Scotland

Musicians at Taybank Pub, Dunkeld, Scotland

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