St Andrews looking west from atop St Rule’s Tower.

This evening I am focusing on the historic-and very popular-city of St Andrews which is located on the east coast of Scotland, about an hour and half north of Edinburgh.

Being an old medieval city, St Andrews boasts some interesting architecture. At the east end can be found the (ruined) Cathedral, in the middle is the famous University whilst at the west end is the golf centred on the famous Old Course which attracts players from all over the world.

Places to see and visit include:

  • West Sands, an extensive sandy beach which was the location for the opening scenes of the 1981 film  Chariots of Fire. Don’t be deceived by the blue sea and sand; this is the North Sea which can be bitingly cold.

West Sands, St Andrews, Scotland.

Swilken Bridge, Old Course, St Andrews, Scotland

View of Himalayas Putting Green and St Andrews looking east.

Tiger Woods practising at St Andrews

  • St Andrews Aquarium.
  • St Andrews Castle. This was originally the home of the bishops and archbishops of St Andrews reflecting the status and power of St Andrews in the context of the medieval Scottish Church. Today’s ruins date from a re-build undertaken in the late 14th century after the devastation caused by the Wars of Independence. The castle fell into ruin from the late 17th century onwards.

St Andrews Castle, Scotland

  • Northpoint Cafe where, allegedly, British Royal Prince William met his future wife, Kate Middleton for coffee during their student days.

Northpoint Cafe, St Andrews.

  • St. Andrews Cathedral,a building located close to the castle. The Cathedral was begun 1160 and grew to become the longest and greatest church in Scotland. It was also a place of pilgrimage as legend has it that the bones of St Andrew were brought ashore at St Andrews (hence name) in the fourth century. In medieval times the Cathedral suffered extensive damage due to fire and storm but it was the Reformation n 1560 which finally sealed its fate. This video clip was taken from atop St Rule’s Tower which was part of a separate church, not the Cathedral.

St Andrews Cathedral, Scotland.

St Andrews is well endowed with shops, restaurants and visitor accommodation.

Between St Andrews and Edinburgh is the popular Fife Coast featuring quaint and historic coastal villages whilst to the North and West is Glamis Castle, Dundee and Dunnottar Castle.

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