Dolphins at Chanonry Point, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on a popular Dolphin watching spot called Chanonry Point. This is a scenic location  on the east coast of Scotland, a little north of Inverness at tip of a finger of land which juts into the Moray Firth where a lighthouse is sited. Access is via the village of Fortrose and then a road which passes  through Fortrose and Rosemarkie Golf Course. Chanonry Points links with Rosemarkie Bay. The Dolphins here are of the Bottlenose variety.

Opposite Chanonry Point is the 18th century British military fort known as Fort George from where dolphins can also be spotted.

Rosemarkie Bay, Scotland.

View South from Chanonry Point.

Lighthouse at Chanonry Point, Scotland

Dolphin watchers at Chanonry Point

Viewing dolphins at this site is not guaranteed. The dolphins are attracted by the fish which in turn arrive in high numbers when the tide is high and cross currents are strongest. Visitors to Chanonry point can expect a medium probability of actually seeing the Dolphins.

Dolphin Watchers at Chanonry Point, Scotland

Chanonry Point, Scotland. Image taken from Fort George, opposite.

Here is a video clip of  pod of Dolphins taken from Fort George.

As will be evident from the images, the site also attracts wildlife photographers who sometimes are rewarded with the occasional spectacular shot of the animals leaping out of the water.

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