Pineapple pavilion, Dunmore Estate, Scotland

This evening, I am providing a record of today’s small group hike centred on the historic Dunmore Estate near Falkirk, about thirty miles north-west of Edinburgh.

Over a relatively short distance of six miles we encountered a rich diversity of sites including:

  • 19th century conservation village of Dunmore.

  • Tree decorated with a human face.

Tree with human face

  • River Forth (at low tide).

River Forth near Dunmore, Scotland

  • Antique farm machinery.

Antique plough, Dunmore, Scotland.

  • Fungi, both ground and tree.

Tree Fungi, Dunmore Estate, Scotland.

Fungi, Dunmore Estate, Scotland

  • Rhododendron infested parkland.

Hiking trail through Dunmore Estate, Scotland

  • Giant Redwood trees (native of California).

Giant Redwoods, Dunmore Estate, Scotland.

  • The ruined Elphinstone Tower, which dates from early 16th century.

Elphinstone Tower, Dunmore Estate, Scotland

  • Elaborate, pineapple inspired pavilion dating from 1761.

Pineapple Pavilion, Dunmore Estate, Scotland.

  • Crab apples.

Crab apples in orchard near Pineapple Pavilion.

  • Village of Airth, including Parish Church, Mercat Cross and architecture dating from early 18th century.

‘Captain’s House’ dating from early 18th century.

House dating from 1722, Airth, Scotland.

Mercat Cross, Airth, Scotland.

Airth Parish Church with River Forth in background.

Weather was dull but dry with above average temperature.

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