Balvenie Distillery, Speyside, Scotland.

This evening, I am focusing on Balvenie Distillery on Speyside, one of the very few traditional and integrated Scotch whisky producers from malting floor through to cooperage. Summary information:

  • Located in Dufftown, about fifty-three miles N.W.of Aberdeen.
  • A sister distillery of the mighty Glenfiddich on a site adjacent to Glenfiddich.
  • Founded by William Grant (Glenfiddich) in 1887.
  • Production capacity of 6.8m litres p.a.
  • Uses water from the Robbie Dhu Springs in the Conval Hills (same source as Glenfiddich).
  • Has a complement of nine stills.
  • Spirit is lightly peated and matured in ex-bourbon, ex-sherry or ex-port casks.
  • Most of the production goes into blends but a wide range of single malts are available including the following:
    • 12-year-old, double wood (40 pct.)
    • 12 year-old single barrel (40 pct)
    • 17-year-old (43 pct)
    • 21-year-old (40 pct)
    • 25-year-old (47.8 pct)
    • 30-year-old (47.3 pct.)

Tours are available but only for pre-booked small groups. Allow about three hours. A visit here would appeal to the whisky connoisseur.

Maltings floor at Balvenie Distillery, Scotland

Stills at Balvenie Distillery, Scotland.

Tasting at Balvenie Distillery, Scotland.

Balvenie malts

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