Castle Howard, Yorkshire, England.

This evening, I am reporting on Castle Howard, a stunning extravagant mansion-cum-palace, which is located about fifteen miles NNE of the city of York in northern England.

Summary information on Castle Howard as follows:

  • Dates from the early 19th century from which time it has been under ownership of the family associated with the Earls of Carlisle (Howard family).
  • Inside can be found dramatic designs and collections of furniture, paintings and other items.

Castle Howard interior

Inside Castle Howard, Yorkshire

  • The building ┬áis surrounded by 1000 acres of parkland comprising rolling hills and unexpected monuments and statues, many with a classical theme.

Temple of the Four Winds, Castle Howard, England.

Castle Howard in parkland setting.

  • Castle Howard is, perhaps, best known as the setting for Brideshead Revisited.
  • Close to the Castle are immaculately maintained specialist gardens.

Garden at Castle Howard, Yorkshire, England.

Allow about 2-3 hours to visit this splendid site.

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