Hiking group on way to Paisley, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on today’s small group hike which followed the route of the White Cart Water (river) from Pollok Park in Glasgow to Paisley, both being in the West of Scotland. Length of route was about six miles. Hike benefited from blue sky and brilliant sunshine, albeit with low elevation, winter sun which militated against photography.

The route covered historic sites with particular emphasis on the Industrial Revolution (late 18th/early 19th centuries) The White Cart was a source of free energy which powered a large number of mills and similar enterprises.

Pollok House, at start of the walk, is a 18th century Palladian mansion associated with the Maxwells. It is open to the public as a visitor site.

Pollok House, Glasgow

The walkway itself is also used by cyclists and is strong on local wildlife, such as reptiles and birds.

Refreshment stop.

White Cart Water

Paisley was the centre of a massive textile industry with emphasis on cotton thread which provided funds and wealth for construction of the rather grand town hall.

Anchor Mill, former textile mill, Paisley, Scotland.

Paisley Town Hall, Scotland.

The oldest building in Paisley is the 12th century Abbey where William Wallace aka ‘Braveheart’ may have been educated.

Paisley Abbey, Scotland.

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