Birthplace of Robert Burns, Ayr, Scotland.

This evening, I am focusing on the charming village of Alloway which is located close to Ayr, south of Glasgow. Alloway is synonymous with Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet, who was born here on Jan 25th 1759 in a two roomed thatched cottage built in 1757 by his father, William. This building still exists (see image above) and has been transformed into a visitor attraction reflecting the style of the late 18th century. Effectively, Alloway is now a Burns ‘shrine’ featuring the birthplace, Auld Kirk, Burns Monument, Birthplace Museum and the Brig O’ Doon all of which are featured below.

Burns Cottage in Alloway street setting.

Choir in period costume

Here is one of the interior rooms of Burns Cottage. This building is now owned/managed by Scotland’s National Trust and has been re-named as Robert Burns Birthplace Museum. The garden at rear of the cottage is managed along the lines consistent with the 18th century.

Room in Burns Cottage, Alloway.

Here is the ruined Auld Kirk, setting for the enormously popular poem “Tam O’Shanter”.

Auld Kirk, Alloway, Scotland.

Here is the Grecian style Burns Monument which dates from 1823. Inside is a small museum. The Monument offers a good vantage point to view the nearby Brig O’Doon.

Burns Monument, Alloway, Scotland.

Here is the Auld Brig O’Doon  (Old Bridge over River Doon). This bridge was made famous as the setting for Tam O’Shanter’s mare Meg losing her tail to the witch Nannie.

Brig o’Doon, Alloway, Scotland.

Video clip of Ayr Pipe Band at Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Alloway.

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