Sizergh Castle, Kendal, England

This evening, I am reporting on Sizergh Castle in Cumbria, near Kendal in the English Lake District and about sixty miles south of Carlisle.. There are three facets of this historic property, viz:

  1. Long-standing association with the Strickland family for nearly 800 years. This family supported the Catholic, King James II and experienced time in exile in France during the 17th century.
  2. Gardens, which comprise: a small orchard, herbaceous border, rock garden, wildflower bank, lake, terrace,main lawn, Dutch garden, south garden and a great barn.
  3. The property itself which comprises three floors which feature: old furniture; arms and armour; ceramics and sculpture; pictures; tapestry; panelling; stained glass; and decorated ceilings. The building’s core is  a 14th century tower with further developments as follows:
  • Transformed into a fashionable Elizabethan House in mid-1550s.
  • Urgent repairs in 1770s which included replacement of Elizabethan Hall by Neo-classical saloon.
  • Modernisation in 1897-1902 including a neo-Gothic carriage entrance and new external stairway to the front door.

Meaning of Sizergh: The first element represents a personal, Scandinavian, name, Sigarith, with the second element erg denoting a summer pasture or dairy farm.

Sizergh Castle, Cumbria, England

Herbaceous border as Sizergh Castle, England.

Sizergh Castle from garden

The property, together with some 1500 acres of land, is now owned/managed by England’s National Trust, a heritage organisation,  and as such is open to visitors with times available on relevant website.

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