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This evening, I am posting information on Brancepeth in County Durham, N.E. England.

The name reflects historic migration patterns combining elements of Old Scandinavian and Old English. It means path or road of a man called Brandr.

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Battlefield Road, Langside. Glasgow.

This morning, I visited the site of the Battle of Langside in Glasgow. What is now a busy, and heavily populated suburban location was, on May 13th 1568, an open, rural landscape where the tragic, Mary, Queen of Scots lost a battle against her half-brother following which she escaped to England where she was imprisoned for many years and finally executed.

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Narcissus at Greenbank

This morning, I visited Greenbank Garden, south of Glasgow to photograph emerging signs of Spring.

Weather was just above freezing which resulted in thin layers of ice on water and a crisp feel underfoot.

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