Landscape view of Twelve Apostles prehistoric site, Dumfries.

This evening, I am posting information on one of Scotland’s 150 (approx.) prehistoric stone circles. This is known as the Twelve Apostles which is located two and a half miles N.W. of Dumfries in the Scottish Borders region, about 77 miles south of Glasgow.

This is a large ring ranking 7th largest in Britain (by internal area) and extending to 58,000 square feet.

Key information:

  • Much disturbed over time but was probably an oval measuring 284 ft by 260 ft.
  • Possibly originally comprised 18 stones spaced 48 ft apart.
  • Residual stones total 11, with 12th removed before 1837.
  • Five of the residual stones stand, others have been moved.
  • Four of the stones are local with remainder having been transported from Irongrey Hill, two miles distant.
  • In the N.E. stands a tall, 6 ft 6″ stone, opposite which is a large block.
  • May date from the late Neolithic to early Bronze Age period, between 3000 BC and 2200 BC.
  • Alignment is S.W. towards the midwinter sunset.
  • Considerable amounts of white quartz has been revealed by ploughing.
  • Nearby are two cursuses (prehistoric earthen avenues) in the landscape.One is 1500 yards N.W. of the ring and aligned NNW-SSE and the other a third of a mile from the ring and aligned NNE-SSW. Cursuses may have been used for ritual purposes or for ceremonial competitions.

This is an interesting site but difficult to locate due to absence of signage.

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