Chanonry Point, Black Isle, Scotland.

This evening, I am reporting on Chanonry Point, a scenic location which offers the possibility of dolphin spotting.Location on the east side of the Black Isle, about thirty miles north of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.

Chanonry Point sits at tip of a finger of land which juts into the Moray Firth (a bay or estuary) where a lighthouse is sited. Access is via the village of Fortrose and then a road which passes  through a golf course.

Location of Chanonry Point

The best dolphin viewing standpoint is via a short walk along the beach, keeping the lighthouse to the left. There is usually a huddle of people and photographers on the shore line. The dolphins are attracted by the fish which in turn arrive in high numbers when the tide is high and cross currents are strongest.From the writer’s experience there is about a 40 pct. chance of seeing dolphins on a random visit.

Lighthouse at Chanonry Point, Black Isle.

Dolphin watchers at Chanonry Point.

Dolphins at Chanonry Point, Black Isle.

Another site is Fort George, almost directly opposite. This dates from the late 18th century and is still used by the military.

Here is a video clip of dolphins taken from Fort George.

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