Falls of Dochart, Killin, Scotland.

This evening, I am focusing on the Falls of Dochart which are located in the village of Killin at the southern end of Loch Tay in central Scotland.

The site affords easy access for visitors, especially at times of low water levels, during the summer months.

The Falls are, in fact, a series of rapids where the River Dochart emerges from Glen Dochart to empty into Loch Tay.

More information on the Falls of Dochart and environs:

  • Positioned at the western end of Killin which has a population of 666. Here can be found hotels and other facilities for tourists.
  • Close by can be found the ancient burial ground of Clan MacNab.
  • Located 63 miles north of Glasgow.
  • Featured in James Bond film, Casino Royale (1967) and 39 Steps (1959).
  • There is an Inn close to the site where visitors can avail of refreshment and enjoy the spectacle.
  • A useful site to include in a backroads tour of the area.

Clan McNab Burial Ground, Killin, Scotland.

Falls of Dochart, Killin, Scotland

Falls of Dochart, Killin, Scotland.