Site of Battle of Linlithgow Bridge, 1526.

This evening, I am posting information on the Battle of Linlithgow Bridge which took place near Linlithgow on September 4th 1526, about nineteen miles west of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, close to the River Avon.

Despite the heavy casualties on the day the actual battle site is partly built over and is not commemorated or marked.

The cause of the battle was an attempt by the mother of the young King James V, Queen Margaret, to release her son from the clutches of self-appointed guardian, Archibald Douglas at time of a power vacuum following the death of James IV at the Battle of Flodden, in 1513.

Although the Queen had a nominally superior force of 10,000 men under the Earl of Lennox vs 2500 under the Earl of Arran, the larger force became trapped between the marshy ground close to the River Avon and the nearby high ground occupied by Arran’s force with Lennox’s position exacerbated by arrival of reinforcements totalling 3000 men from Edinburgh. Outcome was defeat for the Queen’s force with at least 3000 dead including Lennox.

River Avon near battle site.

Remains of Manuel Nunnery which is shown on map above. This was occupied by an order of nuns at time of the battle.

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