Avon Gorge, Scotland

Today, I joined a small group hike centred on Linlithgow and the Forth & Clyde Canal which is a route located about eighteen miles west of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Weather was sunny but with a chill in the air.

The route was circular covering about six miles in course of which we encountered a very wide and diverse range of sites, flora, bird life, early industrial engineering, rare sheep, a former royal palace, canal boats, a 16th century battle site, ruined 12th century priory and unusual dogs.

Forth & Clyde Canal ( 1790).

Avon Aqueduct (Forth & Clyde Canal)

Avon Aqueduct

Forth & Clyde Canal

Linlithgow Canal Centre

Avon Railway Viaduct ( 1842)

Avon Railway Viaduct


May blossom

Wood Anenome


Sheep with lambs

Rare Soay Sheep


Centre of Linlithgow

Early 16th century town houses in Linlithgow.

River Avon

River Avon, Scotland

Water Birds

Coot on Linlithgow Loch

Swan with nest on Linlithgow Loch


Alaskan Malamute


Canoeist on Forth & Clyde Canal

Football (soccer) match

Historic Buildings

Linlithgow Palace (15th century)

16th century Doocot (Pigeon House)

Remains of Manuel Priory, 12th century.

Linlithgow Loch (Lake)


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