At Fairy Pools, Skye

This morning, we departed our Duisdale lodgings and embarked on a trip as follows:

First, drive north towards the village of Staffin stopping en-route to photograph the Old Man of Storr.

Old Man of Storr, Skye, Scotland

Next  on to Staffin where we connected with a local natural history expert at Staffin Museum. Staffin and other nearby locations have produced good specimens of fossilised dinosaur footprints dating from the Jurrasic period. The museum holds some original fossils and some copies. The expert took us to Staffin beach and location of some footprints remaining in situ but, unfortunately, the specific location was covered in sand. We did see evidence of fossilised oysters.

Location of (sand covered) fossilised Dinosaur footprint, Staffin

Staffin Beach, Skye, Scotland

Dinosaur Footprints at Staffin, Skye

Dinosaur footprint at Staffin Museum, Skye

Jurassic era Dinosaur footprints, Staffin, Skye

Next, across the northern tip of Skye, past the Quiraing and Uig Bay to the Fairy Glen which is as small valley populated with conical shaped hills.

Fairy Glen, Skye

Uig Bay

Next, south to the Fairy Pools, about one hour drive from Uig. This is an extremely popular site comprising of a series of pools created and by and filled by a fast flowing stream which appears to drain from the nearby Cuillin Hills and cascades down into the valley below.The water temperature is very cold in which context we encountered a couple swimming in wet suits. Access to the Pools entails a round trip hike of about 1.5 miles.

Trail to Fairy Pools

Fairy Pools, Skye, Scotland

Fairy Pools, Skye, Scotland

Fairy Pools, Skye, Scotland

Finally, we returned to Broadford and then on to our lodgings in Duisdale.

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