View from North Uist, Outer Hebrides

This evening, I am posting information on North Uist which lies at the centre of an island chain known as the Outer Hebrides which is situated off the west coast of Scotland.

Summary facts on North Uist:

  • Population: 1271.
  • Area: 303 square miles.
  • Religion: Predominantly protestant (Presbyterian).
  • Gaelic speakers: High incidence.
  • Principal town: Lochmaddy.

In the course of a short trip visitors can expect to encounter a wide variety of natural and historic sites which include:

  • Birds and other wildlife.
  • Stunning scenery with white sandy beaches and seascapes.
  • MacLeod’s Tower, a 19th century folly.

Scolpaig Tower or Macleod’s Folly was built around 1830 by Dr Alexander Macleod, the factor (agent) of North Uist to provide employment for the islanders as famine relief following the potato blight

  • Traditional thatched houses.

Traditional Thatched House

  • A prehistoric stone circle.

Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle (a flattened ellipse) which may be 4000-5000 years old.

  • Prehistoric Neolithic burial cairn.

Barpa Langass Burial Cairn, a chambered cairn of the passage-grave type which may be over 4000 years old.

  • Public sculpture.

Reflections on North Uist

  • A peat cutter (possible)

Cutting peat (for fuel) on North Uist

  • A Crannog which was last occupied around the 16th century.

Dun an Sticir Crannog (fort of the skulker), probably 16th century Remains of a small tower or hall raised on the foundations of an Iron Age broch. It stands on an island in Loch an Sticir, reached by a causeway via two other islets.

Ferry link between North Uist and Harris

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