Landscape view of Wallace Monument.

This evening, I am posting information on the Wallace Monument in Stirling, central Scotland.

The monument was erected in 1869 to commemorate Sir William Wallace (1272-1305), a minor Scottish aristocrat, who rose to become a leader of the Scottish resistance against English aggression and won an important battle (against the English) at nearby Stirling Bridge in 1297. However, Wallace was subsequently betrayed by his own side, taken to London and executed in 1305. The site of the 1297 battle can be viewed from the Monument.

Wallace Monument, Stirling, Scotland.

The Hollywood film Braveheart ( 1995) popularised Wallace and resulted in a massive uplift in visitor numbers to the Monument resulting in construction of a new visitor centre at the site.

Other facts and information concerning the Wallace Monument:-

  • Reaches a height of 67 metres (220 feet).
  • Sits atop a hill named Abbey Craig.
  • Subject to prevailing weather conditions, visitors can climb the 246 internal steps to the top and benefit from the excellent views therefrom.
  • Inside the Monument are exhibitions and displays concerning Wallace, his life and other facets of Scotland’s history.
  • Architecture style is Gothic Revival.
  • To reach the base of the Monument also entails an uphill climb which takes about 10 minutes. An optional courtesy shuttle bus service is usually available.
  • Location is about two miles from Stirling Castle, also a top ranking visitor attraction Some visitors find it convenient to visit both sites.
  • Top of the Monument offers excellent opportunities for photography with views of the local landscape which include Stirling and River Forth, Stirling Castle and the Ochills (a range of hills running east-west).
  • The Visitor Centre includes a gift shop and restaurant.

Stirling Bridge which spans the River Forth. This stone bridge superseded the original wooden bridge at heart of 1297 battle.

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